August 3, 2014

Mannequin dammy Removing

Nick Repair and Mannequin dammy Removing is one kind of product photo editing service which is done on garments items. Generally there are two or three views of one image with ghost or mannequin shot like front view, back view or inner view (partial view). By using the inner view of image the neck... Read more →

Photoshop image background Removing or background knockout) service for the offshore company. CPBD has 12 years of professional experience on the online clipping paths fully online with 100% quality, fast turnaround time and very competitive price. If you are looking for a quality clipping... Read more →

Our world class Graphics Designers put a painstaking effort with utter creativity to accomplish in your image retouching and restoration in Photoshop, photo touch up with every detail. Our Photo Retouching & restoration service will make your images more vivid, good-looking and lively!... Read more →