Quality Image 360˚ Rotation (products for web) in Flash service in Bangladesh Clipping path Bangladesh Ltd.

The Clipping path Bangladesh Ltd (CPBD) creates high-quality 360˚ rotation of product image in Flash with its digital magic formula. CPBD is a world class prepress Graphics Design, Image Editing outsourcing company Bangladesh, showcase your still product photography in 3D rotation or animation in Adobe Flash which will knock the clients’ socks off! Our service is fast, affordable and world class.

What is 360˚ Rotation in Flash

Adobe Flash has made a stride in offering Multimedia visual performance improvements in websites. With the aid of this software web pages and other visual promotion have seen an unprecedented progress in e-commerce through adding product animation, 360˚roattion or 360 degree product photography and advertisement. 360˚Rotation in Flash service gives your images a 3 dimensional (3D) effect or virtual reality (VR) that is you can observe any product from every angle and get each and every detail. Similar term for 360˚Rotation in Flash in the online store can be called as ‘3D Photography’.

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