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Layer Masking may sound a bit technical, but once learnt it offers an amazing control of your layers and aides to play around image or graphic elements in a number of ways. Layer mask in Photoshop is a very powerful tool to create a virtual image mask, to combine images, to select complex images and many more.

Layer masking or Alpha Layer Masking is one of the most sought after tools in Photoshop by the true designers. The extra bonus of using Photoshop Layer Mask is that masking is non-destructive. You can get back any pixels of the layer you’ve hidden with the black mask by painting with white, and you can also return to the Layer Mask at any time since Layer Masking never erase any pixels of an object.

Layer Masking is also key solution for creating multi-layered montages and composite images. Photoshop Layer Mask is becomes handy when clipping path alone is not appropriate on compound images such as hair, fur, semi transparent or translucent images.

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