Medium Clipping Path

Clipping Path or Image Outlining, or Image Cutout is the most effective background knockout technique used in extracting the image without affecting the quality. Medium Clipping Path (Compound Clipping Path and Extra Compound Clipping Path) is done on items or products prototyping several basic shapes, compound shapes, complex shapes, or many simple or compound shapes. Medium Clipping Path (image outlining in photoshop) technique requires maximum of 30/45 minutes for removing images from their background with maximum accuracy. These are Images have a maximum of 15 embedded transparency (holes) and have numerous curves.


Items or products image that require Medium Clipping Path (background removal)

Set of displayed goggles & sunglasses, and fashion items,

A number of glasses & bottles of wine, drugs & medication, cosmetics,

kitchenware & kitchen appliances taken in group shot,


handbags, isolated apparel or clothes (not worn), dress materials

Furniture, bedding, and interior images with little background to cutout,

Machinery spare parts, computer hardware, mobile phones, laptops, camera, televisions, electronic appliances, and more.

Sports items and more.

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