Simple Clipping Path

Simple Clipping Path is done on items or products prototyping simple & basic shapes. The maximum time require extracting an image using hand drawing basic clipping path or simple clipping path and background removal is 10/15 minutes with maximum accuracy. Such images are without any embedded transparency (holes), 1 to 5 closed curves and have simple curves(straight line or oval shape).

Items or products image that require Simple Clipping Path:

Shoes, goggles & sunglasses, and other solid fashion items,

Drinking/wine glasses & bottles of wine, drugs & medication, cosmetics,

Single kitchenware & kitchen appliances,

Jewelries with basic shapes like: rings, lockets, bracelets, etc.

Solid handbags, isolated apparel or clothes (not worn), and other solid fashion items,

Solid furniture, bedding, and interior images with little background to cutout,

Single spare parts, computer hardware, mobile phones (Cellphone), MP3/MP4 players, laptops, PDAs, iPods, camera, televisions, and other simple shaped electronic appliances,

CD/DVD cover, books, credit cards, other basic shape electronic appliances,

Single sports items with solid & basic shape, etc.

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